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Originally Posted by Zeonprime View Post
seriously would love to have a option on the forums that people cannot post anything until they have read all the FAQs.
lol you know some forums actually have a mega sticky thread that lists all of the threads that new members must read before they are allowed to post anything. Just means that new members start out as one rank and then bumped up to the next rank once they have agree'd that they have read it. If they lie it's on them but when they mess up and are caught making a mistake that is labelled in the Mega Thread then they get put back into the originaly "nooby" rank for a period of time, no excuses, tough shit kind of deal.

It's a little harsh and takes a little more work from the admins due to keeping track of the ranks and handling but sometimes it's worth having in place


And no one said that he couldn't bring one accross the border with him. Sure he can, the are always ways of doing things that might get you into trouble if precautions aren't taken and some level of being prepared for the consequences aren't met.

So to sum it up Ryan, yes you can, it's just recommended that you do not.

Fair enough guys?
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