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I personally wouldn't want to try it. You know with the smuggling charges that can happen if it goes awry. And they treat you as a criminal either way. You won't be able to travel abroad (a possible requirement of my future occupation so I want to not have a criminal record). If you want to travel for pleasure as well you'll have to have your record sealed by Pardons Canada and I'm not sure if it's always going to work either. I'm sure the US border guards can see you have a sealed record and may deny you entry.

It doesn't matter if you did a minor offence or anything, the US border guards don't care, a criminal is a criminal is a criminal in their eyes doesn't matter if it's for small pot possession or first degree murder you won't be let in.

Other than that if you really want to get stuff from the US then just get parts and accessories (no prohib parts basically). You're allowed to bring back like $50 worth of stuff if you stay for one day and up to $750 or something for a week long stay in the US (per person IIRC).
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