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KSC Glocks tend to shoot about 2" lower than where one aims at 30ft from what I've found. Is why I learned to shoot with the lowest part of the front sight dot in line with the top of the rear sight at 30ft, and that transitioned over to longer range outoor use too. Maybe this could be similar to the 1911 he's using? In cases like this a laser boresight is useful to help see where the bore is lined up compare to the rear sight, especially where the rear sight is non-adjustable for elevation. Trains the user to know where the BBs will hit at close range in relation to sight picture, which will benefit the user at longer ranges. Pistol sights, non-adjustable type, are rarely dead on, even at close range due to the manufacturer imitating the real steel version of the pistol, without taking into consideration the recoil factor. Training Glocks, the blue framed ones (I recall, could be the red one, been a year and a bit since i rea the Glock book cover to cover) available to LE only, fire a synthetic bullet at low velocity without much recoil. The barrel is angled upwards compared to the real thing because in the real pistol, by the time the bullet is at the end of the barrel, the recoil is starting to kick in and is raising the muzzle a slight bit. This has transversed over to the airsoft Glocks as well, likely common with other GBB pistols too.

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