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Hm... that's strange that it would be shooting off target. I hadn't checked its groupings prior to the CAPS event that you happen to see me at so I can't verify if it was doing that before. At CAPS I also wasn't checking for groupings since my goal was to hit a general area on the target. I can tell you, however, that no parts were swapped in or out since I've had possession of it and I've been extremely careful in keeping it in the same condition as when I acquired it from its original owner.

A few things you could try (pardon me if they've already been said, I'm just listing things that come to mind):
  • Clean the inner barrel (of excess lube)
  • Re-set hop up (turn it all the way down, then set it back to 70-75%)
  • Use good quality 0.25g+ BBs
  • Assess your shooting habits (a slight tilt could amplify small inaccuracies)
  • Verify the "straightness" of the sights (they should be fine, though)
  • Shoot with a few seconds in between each shot

See if any of the above will change anything.

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