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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
There wouldn't be much left from the M16 since the M110 and SR25 are 7.62 while the M16 is 5.56...

I know this, but we are talking about Airsoft here not real weapons. And a modified M16 will still look like a M110 aside from a few small issues, ie size of magwell, forward assist, etc.

Originally Posted by Conker View Post
and the gearboxes in the 7.62 armalite variantes is a modified V2 (it's longuer).
I don't know whats on the market for pre made M110/SR25s or their internals, but you don't have to have "7.62" sized V2 in a airsoft DMR. If you can actually get a M110/SR25 body, awesome if not a M16/M4 body will work aside from some cosmetic differences. All depends on how accurate you wanna get.

Or just go for a USMC 5.56 SAMR based off a M16A4 AEG

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