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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Excellent video

Couple of things that I would do differently;

On pistol maintenance, I don't use silicon oil. On metal on metal contact I use "Sticky-G" molybdenum grease and on all the airseal parts I use a silicon grease.

Using a grease over an oil makes the lubrication last longer and preform noticably better.

When I preform pistol maintenance, I remove the slide and thoroughly clean the slide rails with lint free cloths, tooth picks and Q-tips making sure all the black gunk is out, then I re-grease.

When lubrication the valves in the mags, I find it useful to work it in a little after putting the oil in (press the valve 15 or r20 times until its feels very smooth)

Great video, this will be super informative for new players... and some players (like the guys on my team!!) that don't know how to do their own maintenance!!
Where do you get your grease? Particularly the Silicon.
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