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Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
They don't mean auto ignite though. They mean a spark catching from the parts hitting each other inside, and then igniting the propane. Which is way more possible than auto igniting, but still way way less possible than a Lipo overheating and exploding.

But yeah no worries there is no chance that this would happen ever.
The way that energetic gases pass their ignition makes this physically impossible. Only a catastrophic failure of containment could result in it exploding.

In any case, we are in agreement.

GBBR using propane will not explode.

It is unlikely that a GBB will spark, as (usually) they are made of magnesium in most cases. Which is funny because it is a HIGHLY FLAMMABLE ELEMENT, capable of burning in pure nitrogen, oxygen, carbondioxide and even water! thats right most aeg's are made from highly flammable material! OMG... I just realized this, everyone should send me their aeg's and gbbr and I will properly and safely dispose of them to prevent any harm.
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