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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Lipos explode ALOT more (ie, rarely) than GBB's detonate (ie, NEVER)
Umm.. its actually impossible for a GBB to detonate. Infact the temperature required to auto ignite propane is close to 1000 degrees. At that temperature the gun, mag, you, the trees, your house would have already caught fire or melted.

Lithium polymer batteries on the other hand have a maximum safe operating temperature of 160 degrees.

Its just the theory of mass misconception. for example MSG or monosodium glutamate, most people believe it is dangerous and bad for your health. However it is actually the most studied food additive in the last 20 years and has never shown to cause any kind of adverse side effect when consumed in normal amounts. BUT people still think its bad for you.

Same thing with LIPO batteries and Propane. People do not understand the chemistry or the physics of these things and thus fear them based off what they assume and what they can infer. its a natural human reaction.

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