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Originally Posted by Inops View Post
I am not sure if I am asking this in the right part of the forum, if not my apologies.

I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could buy a AR15/M16 upper and lower receiver in Canada? They do not need to be full metal or anything like that, they just need to be of good quality.
The reason I need them is for a Automag 68 (paintball) project which I would like to work on.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated,
Sorry but it's going to be hard without AV (even then it's going to be expensive). The upper is easy to find but the lower is the part that's prohibited for importation (ie. upper is fine for importation but lower will be seized if in the odd chance the upper does get seized just appeal it and get a firearms expert to review and release it).

If it's going to be for a mod then assess your requirements. Maybe getting an M4 clearsoft from CT would be your best bet, just strip off all the unneeded parts and you'll be left with a receiver. BUT at the same time it's going to likely be crap quality, may not fit your project, and it's going to be like $100 to get a piece of plastic and just throw out the other parts.

The other option is.... that there are some clear/smoked polycarbonate receivers for cansoft floating around but I don't know too much about it cause I haven't looked into it that much (and I don't have any links or bookmarks to give you). You'll have to google and source them out yourself.

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You won't get any help here, too many HURR DURR GET VERIFIED folk.
If you think we're all elitist pricks then why not just leave? There are plenty of other places you can go to.
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