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Originally Posted by Arnisador View Post
IIRC, I first lurked on ASZ and Sgt. Lynchs cross ring something or other site, which eventually led me to one of the first incarnations of ASC.

Learned that it was best to just lurk for the two years before even posting anything. Today's flamers are Bic lighters compared to the old school vets
Pretty much the same story for me, save for the fact that I was a bit younger and frankly I figured it was a little out of my price range. Till I just couldn't take it anymore and I scored a ride with Poncho to a game in Ottawa. I just really wanted to watch and see what was going on, but Poncho being the frigging saint he is loaned me a AK47S and I had a blast. I was hooked for a few years, helped host an event or two. Played a few dozen games and bought and sold dozen guns.. Including 3 or 4 gbb 1911 frame pistols of different make.

I was young and stupid and full of fail, so I eventually decided that ASC was like a really good book (compounded with a very bad knee injury) and I should spend more time reading and less time typing. However now that Im back in school again and Im getting the surgery Ive waited 2 years for to fix my knee, Im heavily considering getting back into the sport that I love so much and thus you might see me poking around asking questions or spouting nonsense.

One thing though, I have to say this. About Poncho. Wayne is probably the most stand up guy I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. I can honestly without any kind of doubt or overstatement say the man saved my life. And hearing all the great stories of the Stat guys and the other old schoolies really reminds me how much I owe that guy.
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