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Amazingly nooby question: Crosman R76 Magazine help.

Well I recently purchased my nephew a Crossman R76 as a birthday present (he's a real gun freak, just like me ), and I was wondering which accessories I can get him as a side gift.

Yeah I know that the R76 isn't a great gun, I really didn't feel safe giving him a high quality, expensive gun.

To the point:
I was looking to buy a magazine for him, this one to be exact, and I was wondering if it will fit.

His gun seems almost exactly like my old Tokyo Marui AK47 Spetsnaz (Pictured below), so I was assuming that the same magazine may fit.

If it does fit, thanks, but if not, perhaps point me towards the right direction?

Also you may leave some suggestions for other accessories for him.

Thanks in advance

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