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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Weird. I ordered a package and it was out for delivery at 8 am on Monday, and never recieved it. Checked the tracking number and it was still out for delivery.
Checked it again next morning, it said the time that the notice card had been sent out was "A.M". WTF? Seems like the didn't finished their work and called it as delivery attempted and notice card left. Lazy asses.
Got my notice card along with my mail and went to the post office. Recieved my package anyways.
I got plenty of activity marked as AM on my last package... Really weird.

2010/03/16 AM VAUDREUIL-DORION Item arrived at postal facility. Item on hold.
AM VAUDREUIL-DORION Item successfully delivered

And what the hell is On hold? I got it the 16th .. lol I think their tracking system fucked up lol.
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