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Armist BB's

Since there isnt one up yet, I thought I would review the Armist bb's available at Surplus IG in montreal. (

First thing I did was use them at a game. I went to an action commando game, and got there about half way through the night. The gun Im running is a pretty much bone stock classic army m15a4 except for external upgrades, which has no effect on this. My gun was shooting around 290fps till it died mid game. I was using the Armist .25g's and I noticed they fed very well with my star realcap mags. The accuracy was very nice too, they shot very straight and easily hit the targets without much drop. It then became a zombie game so accuracy didnt matter at that point. The next round about 5 shots in my gun died (wiring problems) but I was very satisfied with the way they performed.

Next I did some indoor testing with a SRC G36k to test the bb's accuracy.

I wanted to test the tolerances so first thing was to pull out the micrometer and scale and test them out. The weights for the BB's were dead on for each. The sizes were perfect also, just under 6mm so there good for tightbore barrels.




I then tested the accuracy. I set up a target at 40 feet and recorded some video, I was very impressed with the accuracy, the only problem I had was the sights were off on the g36k and I was unable to adjust them. I will be doing another test again when I get my gun up and running or have a gun with better sights then the g36k.

YouTube- 40 feet Armist BB test 1

YouTube- 40 feet Armist BB test 2

Last thing I did was split some bb's open to see how they are. There is no air bubble inside the bbs, they are solid all the way through.

Accuracy - BB's were dead on, but I need to test again with better sights.
Price - Great, very cheap, and they have a special going on, check it out at
Feeding - Great, I popped in a 11.1v lipo and let it rip and I have no miss-feeding

None that I have found yet, I will do some more hands on testing when I get a hold of different weapons to test out.
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