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First AEG- $200 - $300 (you can use it as a loaner later, when you get something better)

Sidearm- Optional. $40 for a springer, or $100 for a basic gas pistol (Canadian Tire has some that might do it) or $2-300 for a decent GBB.

Uniform- If you already have some decent, earth toned hiking gear or something (I had some old combats left over from my cadet days) then nothing, but if you need to buy a uniform, say $100.

Boots: Once again, if you have decent hiking boots then nothing, but if you want combat boots then like $50 to $150, depending on quality.

BBs- 4000 .20/.25 gram bbs from BBBastard: $20

Mags- if you highcap it'll come with the gun, otherwise $50-100.

Shooting glasses- $20 (make sure you test them before you use them).

So, if you're frugal and lucky you might get away with a $300 kit (if you already have some workable boots and clothing) or about $500 if you don't. Then after you play a few games you'll realise you want a better gun, a themed loadout, etc. and then you start forking out the thousands...
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