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1000 is good start

total I pay in (not accurate)
$100 Tf7 gun
$170 Kraken
$100 ACU plate carrier(XT 10% from 110)
$100 ACU BDU
$40 Laser red dot
$120 two scope(1 scope get 10% from 70)
$50 Tactical light (XT 10% from 65)
$75 helmet with ACU cover
$25 full mask
$25 glove (xt 10% from 30)
$50 ak rail kit
$100 4x Mp7 mag

About $900 in Asset for me so far
Expense will take it up over $1000 due to
battery for scope,
battery for light ($6 for goddamn battery, why they can't just make tactical light that use AA or AAA)
drink aftergame

XT membership $200 I believe it pay itself because I play total 10 out of 12 free game($18 each) plus get 10% discount on stuff
my english is bad. however, It don't make up different on your ignorance.

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