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Originally Posted by Shooting Addict View Post
The webbing is better then the condor vest if you don't need so much stuff and only more basic equipment ie couple of mags, extra bbs, radio and you also need a lot of speed and flexibility, so the webbing IMO is more for recon, sniping etc. If you need a shitload of mags, medical stuff, food, water and a whole lot of other crap the vest is the better buy if your a heavy gunner, rifleman etc. Honestly it come down to your style of play and your role in the game as well as whatever you find comfortable, if i had to choose i'd go with the webbing.
I was looking into getting an MP5, M4 or HK416 and I'd most likely be playing more of an assault style role, moving around a lot, I've never been much for camping. I'd rather be trying to take positions, flanking an enemy position and trying to hold positions. Also I'd rather be on the "Front lines" rather then support.
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