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Originally Posted by ShadowNet View Post
I was actually surprised by my experience with Canada Post. The morning of the estimated delivery date, my tracking status stated: Out for delivery (8:02 am). An hour and a half later, my doorbell was rung. I rushed town to be greeted by a friendly, middle-aged Chinese woman driving a hatchback, who was very polite. I thought I was gonna get screwed over by some douchebag and his Canada Post truck. Anyone else get their packages delivered by similar means?
Very similar i got my package delivered by some nice chinese guy in a civic a few weeks ago, needless to say i was happy since it came a day earlier then it was supposed to.
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You can tell a person over and over that 4 + 5 = 9 and show them the mechanics of how addition works, but at the end of the day when you look into their eyes you know damn well that in their heads they still see 4 + 5 = pineapple.
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Harden the fuck up, you liberal pussies.
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