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Condor Vest vs German Webbing


For awhile now I was planning to purchase a Condor vest to start with. Until recently where I find myself interested in picking up German webbing set. I've done a lot of research on the Condor vest and it seems like a decent vest for what it costs and I've attempted to research the webbing set, seeing as its army surplus there aren't very many reviews and such. So my question(s) to you are:
Which would be more noob friendly?
Where in the world would I find pouches for the webbing set? (I can only find them on and ebay)
Which would be better in the long run? (Ones army surplus and the others more of an airsoft replica)
and if anyone has had any experience with the German webbing set or condor vest, please feel free to post your experience with them, it would be a big help in choosing one of these two Load-Barring pieces of equipment

Also here are the links to what products I'm referring to and asking about:
Condor Vest:http: //
German Webbing set:

Thanks for your help
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