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Well after reading the guide, both parts and all the other things people have writen in response to your thread. I'd first off like to say thanks for it. Second of all I'd like to say "HA!" to the guys who said no noobs would ever read it. Well I guess most wouldn't but I like to read into things before I get into new hobbies.

Again, thanks for the guide, most of which I was aware of because of playing paint ball or having a hunter for a father and using common sense (eye protection)

A few questions thought.

I know that in paint ball the paint is able to spray thought my JT Face mask and into my face. Does a similar effect happen with airsoft? I know that they dont explode or have paint in them but I mean can or do the BB's ever get though your mask? Has it happened to anyone before? Yes or No is fine, I'm not a push over when it comes to pain, a little sting wont hurt or stop me from playing the rest of the day.

I had some others but I realize that by asking them I'd just be flamed for not being AV'd yet. I went and talked to Innocent today for my AV and will be going to the TSS in toronto on friday and hope to find more members there to meet.
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