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One thing not to cheap out on is the Goggles, Gun, Boots, vest. You can wear street clothes and go for the whole Insurgent look.

When I started I dropped 700-1000$ on:

1 Vest + pouches + hydration pack (very useful)
1 G&G M16A4 which I hated
1 Box of midcaps
1 set of goggles
1 set of BDUS, Hat, Neoprene mask, gloves

At the end of all this, the only remaining things of my original kit is the gloves and goggles.

Take your time deciding. I made the mistake of buying a MASSIVE armalite when it really was not that comfortable. Now I have an MP5 and soon to be the owner of a mac 11 and HK416.

One thing I forgot was to buy a sling XD.
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