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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
The thing is there's a lot of people who've had excellent service from eHobby, myself included, which leaves me quite surprised that the OP had this kind of problem.

I've actually had two incidents occur with orders from eHobby (one of which wasn't their fault, it was clearly a handling mishap by either HK Post or Canada Post) and they were expedient in fixing the problem both times; once I received a mangled shipping envelope which looked like it either got caught in machinery and/or caught fire (no joke, I have pics) and another where an unopened package was missing a set of screws. In both instances eHobby was very quick to get me replacements (even if the shipping thing wasn't their fault), no hassle whatsoever.

So eHobby remains a top-ranked retailer in my book, along with the likes of AirsoftParts (truly unbeatable), M.E.C. and CamelBak (if you ever had a problem with your CamelBak product and contacted them, you know they're serious about their products).
I dunno about CamelBak, but I do have to agree with Drake, here. No weird incidents involving mangled packaging yet, though. Two orders so far: one around $400, the first at around $100 - no problems whatsoever. As a matter of fact, none of my packages from eHobby have been stopped at customs yet... everything else I've ordered from an out-of-country retailer (ebairsoft, airsoft global to name the most recent ones) has been stopped and/or has had duties charged.

Basically, I just researched what I was buying before I bought it - cross compared similar/the same products to other sites and hunted for reviews. Where reviews didn't turn up, I looked for fitment/compatibility issues or just even a passing word on how such-and-such a product turned out to be a dud. Buyer beware - especially if the site carries a variety of qualities of parts. Ensure you know what you're getting before you order it... if there's any doubt, email the people (though eHobby is butt-fucking slow and has even worse Engrish) to confirm that the exact item you want is in stock and will be shipped to you.

By the way, want to post those pics, Drake? I'm a little curious now haha
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