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Originally Posted by xxRCHRDxx View Post
Very new here to ASC, but I need some advice from some helping veterans or knowledgeable folk a like. Now I've seen various post of "what gun to buy" or "what gun is good", but what I would like to know is how much is it going to cost to actually start airsoft. How much is a decent AEG, a reliable and comfortable chest rig, boots and clothes, masks, etc. What I gander, or guess, is that all combined it will be close, if not over, $1000.

Thanks in advance.

this is what you absolutely need, prices are super mega average

boots 150$
one AEG 450$
1 to 5 locap magazines, 1 or 2 hicap magazine work at first also, if you don't mind cranking them. 50 to 200$ ?
batteries for the AEG (at least 2) 35$ each
1 battery charger 50$
goggles 100$

things that are very useful:

anti fog 20$
kneepads 40 $
BDU 80 to 120 $ for surplus material
gloves 30 $
some face protection like shemags and stuff 30 $
some way to carry your load (bags, pouches, vest or chest rig, etc) 50 to 250 $

some configs are way more expensive depending on the weapon and the load bearing.

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