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Question from a concerned player.

I recently been in contact with a family member (cousin) whos under 18 and started taking interest in airsoft, and try to set things in straight with him in saying this is a sport that requrires a lot of patience/maturity especially when you can't have a gun till your 18. During our conversation, I was made known that one of his friend, who is a minor is actually hosting an airsoft event where plenty of minors attend and they are just required a parental concent. Weather this is a lie I'll leave it for debate, I'm gonna assume he is telling the truth.

Is this in any way legal?
say if a law inforcement officer walked in and ask for a person incharge, is there going to be a shitstorm?

I've told my cousin to stay the hell away till I can get some clear answers, since I want him to start this sport on a good note.

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