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I started with $650 but that was barebone and asking REALLLLLLY REALLLLY nicely to borrow gear from other players. (EDIT: 4 months later I was about $1000 into it but that was getting stuff like Vests and that stuff so I wouldn't have to borrow)

If you already have boots then great, that's $100 less you have to spend. That is unless you want "gucci" military boots (like 5.11, Magnums, etc.) I honestly just use my old hiking boots that have lasted me through everything (although it's getting a bit worn out and I might buy new ones in 1 or 2 years and trust me when I say I do everything with these I do everything, walking in the snow, yardwork, hiking, playing, etc.)

As for Saskatchewan I don't know of any "walk in" stores but there is one person who does run a store but you have to be AV'ed (It's "Sasksoft"). Which just entails a meeting and you've probably read the FAQ's (judging by your first post) so you should already know all about that.

One thing that you definitely would want to get eventually is some of those "superfeet" inserts, I love mine (blue/general purpose) you can also get the Green ones (I think for "high impact" activities and "larger boots" volume wise).
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