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i officially hate ehobby asia

So I ordered a G&P steel VLTOR front sight from ehobby asia. When it arrives, this is what I see:

1. There is a huge ass hole drilled at the bottom
2. It is a cheap china clone that doesnt even resemble the G&P one
3. The G&P cardboard thing is not even there, and it has been opened.

I emailed ehobby asia and they told me that their gun smiths open the packages to test the fitting on the guns and then they return it back. The customer service said that if i return it, he will reimburse me the shipping cost IN THE FORM OF A STORE COUPON. First off, they made the mistake, not me, so if they are going to reimburse me, it should be credited back to my PayPal account.

So i relunctantly said "fine", because ill probably buy from them again.

Today, i went to canada post to ship back the POS, and the only shipping method they had by air mail was $59. When i scanned on the receipts and tracking, ehobby asia said they will not pay for it because the shipping cost is too expensive and they will just return my POS package right back to me. So I just wasted $59 right there.

I am so mad right now, I am furious. I will never purchase from them again and I advise you NOT to purchase from them. Their customer service is horrible.
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