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Originally Posted by GODSPEED|seven View Post
Yeah, although I completely agree with the advice I'm getting, I should have pointed out though that my buddies whom I will go play with, don't go to paintball/airsoft fields, they have some cottage up in the country we'll play at.. either that or some lost abandonned building.

So I'll forget blowback.. and for some reason, someone had told me we cannot have Classic Army here... maybe you can shed some light on this.. where could I get one? All the stores (online and near my place) only have KJW, SRC, KWA and G&G.. I've read so-so reviews about G&G's, so unless I can find something better than SRC... I'll be "stuck" with that. Thanks again!
Yeah this is NOT a good idea at all. The cottage one for the reason that if its accessible or in view of the public then you will be up shits creek with your local ERT team for a paddle. And the abandoned building part, never EVER play on a property where you do not have explicit permission from the property owner. There was a thread a while back with these 3 or 4 dudes from out in BC that did just that, ended up getting banned from all of their local clubs and games.

If you want to play get in touch with your local community via the Events section on here for Quebec and you will be set. Only play on sanctioned fields and you will avoid any trouble, legally or whathaveyou.

Once you get AV'ed you will have access to Classic Army, as has been said, as well as any gun you can pretty much think of. $300 is a bit of a lowball but it would JUST get you a decent starter gun, but not much else. Get yourself AV'ed (Age Verified, if your not sure what this is look for the sticky at the top of the forum), get to some local games and integrate yourself with your community, set yourself up with some rentals so you can find out which style of gun suits your style and body best and the rest will be history.
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Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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