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Yeah, although I completely agree with the advice I'm getting, I should have pointed out though that my buddies whom I will go play with, don't go to paintball/airsoft fields, they have some cottage up in the country we'll play at.. either that or some lost abandonned building.

So I'll forget blowback.. and for some reason, someone had told me we cannot have Classic Army here... maybe you can shed some light on this.. where could I get one? All the stores (online and near my place) only have KJW, SRC, KWA and G&G.. I've read so-so reviews about G&G's, so unless I can find something better than SRC... I'll be "stuck" with that. Thanks again!
No point in getting a pistol first.. get an AEG, if it shoots over 350 do a spring swap ($20) so it shoots in the 340-350 range, then you can use it for both indoor and outdoor.

A selection of guns from VFC, ICS, Classic Army, and Real Sword are now available from certain Canadian retailers (and yes you can have CA here.. I own one and have for 3 years lol). As was mentioned, read up on Age Verifacation (there's a sticky here in the n00b tank). That will open up a whole world of available kit.

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