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Originally Posted by Eien View Post
Otherwise, get yourself AV'ed (hope you will soon). There is alot of good deals over at the classifieds.
That's where you'll find a CA (Classic Army).

Worst case scenario, get AVed (Age Verified) just for your team to buy stuff from ASC (AirsoftCanada).

And yea, 300.00$ is a waste of money.

If you want it to last (more than 2 years) and NOT to have stuff to repair or whatever, wait to have a little more money to spend on it.

If you're not sure, find a local game. You'll get AVed AND you might be able to have a look/try other people's guns.
Originally Posted by isis View Post
pier tes l'idole de bien du monde aujourd'hui. good move

"Don't touch what you can't grab."

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