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Great!! Thanks for the info. According to some online reviews, this rifle does have internal fuse. However you are right about LiPo could be dangerous in the hands of a newbie. I think I will stick with standard NiMN battery.

Are all 9.6v NiMN batteries have the same size, same mah and same connector?

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
If your new, stick to NiMH, There's a LOT of research you have to do before even considering using a LiPo battery. They require higher maintenance than NiMH due to the fact they can be quite dangerous.
And although some manufacturers state their guns are "LiPo ready", it's a blatant lie. If a gun doesn't have a fuse, it's NOT LiPo ready. And you still have to choose a battery with an appropriate constant drain rating (the C rating)

Give these two threads a read through, it should be everything you need to know about LiPo!
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