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Question A Newbie Wanting Some Info On Starter Gear

Hi, this being my first post, I would like to make it clear that I am a complete noob at airsoft, I do play Paintball, but would reather play Airsoft for the realism and to avoid spending 50-100$ just for a few hours of play.

So just to put you -the reader- into context, I haven't played a game yet, but I will be playing one in the coming weeks; so here is a list of what I would really appreciate my purchase to include

On a 300$ Budget: (For either a Gas Pistol or an AEG)

For Gas Pistol: (Sig, HK, Beretta, Glock, FN)

- Very dark tinted (no clear plastic or orange tips)
- Mainly metal parts
- Metal slide
- 300 FPS
- Blowback

For an AEG: (HK, Steyr AUG A3, FN ... leaning towards CQB style)

- Mainly metal (only plastic on a Real Steel that is plastic, ie: G36)
- no Clear plastic or orange tips (dark tinted plastic only)
- Blowback action, I like to see the bolt move back and forth
- 360 + FPS
- Price including Battery + Charger

I want something that will last! I don't want something that will break due to poor manufacturing, I take good care of my things!

I have the SURPLUS IG Military Surplus store not too far from my place, and I've seriously been looking at the KJW Beretta and Glock.. They told me they'd receive KJW SIG and HK USP pistols soon. I would mainly like a SIG replica, but I don't know that much about quality. There is alos this new Skeleton Sidearms SS226 that goes for around 185$.. anyone have an idea of the quality?

I've been reading some reviews of KJW and everyone seems to have a different opinion, some reviews say the KJW Beretta is a very good gun, others say its not good.. And so many ppl seem to have had a first gun that breaks after only a few games! This somehow worries me alot. I'm someone who takes care of my things, Nothing usually breaks on me.

I would like to have some experienced Airsofters give me good counsel on the proper things to look for. Will 290 and 320 FPS make a difference? or is it mainly for Marketing? What brands have a good track record? etc.. Any good info is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
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