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Originally Posted by fi3re View Post
I was reading up some paintball magazines (yeayea i was bored i dont play paintball) and there was an article about pump action vs. standard semi auto (which is usually a really high ROF) It discusses how shooting with pump will teach you to be a much better player relying on stance, tactics, aiming and speed. How pump players play a completely different game than other players, often more successfully actually, becuase semi auto players use their high ROF as a crutch and as a result get lazy and careless.

For covering fire, getting through bushes etc, for sure I agree having high ROF is important. But seriously just the youtube just scared airsoft will turn into paintball.

Again basically im not saying high ROF is BAD. just the focus that some people seem to have towards upgrading their gun for high ROF seems stupid. I'm really glad games have 2 second auto rules or else people would just spray everywhere.

btw not really trying to say anything with this thread, just seeing how other people see it.
So your problem isn't with the High ROF specifically, just the full auto spray and prayers.... I hate seeing that too honestly.

Originally Posted by BoGrain View Post
High cap does not equal a greater rate of fire (unless they are box mag but that does no really count for most airsoft weapons) since you have to wind the mag after 40 BBs; it slows the rate of fire. While using mid cap for most weapons, you have 100 to 150 BBs which gives overall a greater a rate of fire.
all highcaps I've ever owned, once wound up completely lasted all 300-400 rnds.
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