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My real name is in my profile, if you have access to it, youíre welcome to see it, if not you can call me Cimm.

Now that thatís over with.

Hi Iím Cimm. Iíve been going by this name in any kind of gaming / sport / tournament that I enter in since I was 15. Iím currently 23, and turning 24 in April. Born in T.O and living in Mississauga near Oakville.

I use to play paint ball and have always been into firearms since I was little cause my old man use to hunt and take me to the ranges.

Iíve only recently bought my first bat op AEG, actually havenít gotten to try it out yet due to lack of a place to fire it off. Iíve had a selection of spring op pistols, and rifles over the years. Iím seeing a lot more that people are into actually going out to events so I thought that itíd be cool to go out and see a game one of these days. I canít say any of my friends are into AS or any of my hobbies for that matter so Iíve never really looked into it before.

So yeah, thatís my intro. Iím definitely new to AS especially if someone talks to me about terminology or AEGís. I donít know the models off by heart, nor where to go to buy gear. Iím learning, I donít expect to be spoon fed by vets or the like, Iíve always learned the hard way and expect to come out of my first game full of bruises.

Iíve read most of the beginnerís threads already. I know how to use my guns but I donít think that Iím ready to play in any of the games. (Well youíll need to Age Verify me before I can even do that I know). I'm still reading the other threads.

If by chance I do get allowed to come out and see one of the events that are coming up in the future, say hi, rag on me, yeah Iím the new guy/nub and I expect as much. Iím easy going and nothing really ever sets me off, but Iím a real big fan of getting pay back so expect to receive what you reap eventually.

Oh right, I'm leaning towards buying one of the bolt action/ spring sniper rifles since they look like the most fun. Also I've been looking at the Echo 1 Model 249 PARA Airsoft Machine Gun by Echo 1 but since it's an american gun and I've read the posts about the borders, does anyone know if there is a canadian retailer that sells these? PM me if you could, thanks.

Cimm out!

P.S. I go by Cimm, Cimmshark or just Shark by some friends. Hope after a few good events I can get a few more to call me them too.
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