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Originally Posted by zollen View Post
I am planning to get a 11.1v Lipo battery and a smart charger.

1. Are all 8.4v, 9.6v, 10.xv and 11.1v batteries use the same connector?
2. What is the name of the connector?
3. Are all smart charger able to charge both Lipo and Intellect types batteries?
4. Are all batteries has the same size and shape?
5. What's the differences between standard Lipo 11.1v and mini Lipo 11.1v
6. Should I pay attention to the mah of each battery? Or All batteries of the same voltage would have the exact same mah?
1. No some use deans and some use mini tynima connecters
2. Read answer 1
3. Some chargers can do all types of batteries but some are limited to just lipos or nimh and nicd batteries, a good charger will run you 50-150$.
4. No it depends on the batteries mah size the bigger mah the longer they last the bigger they are in physical size.
5. The only difference is that the larger battery will have a higher mah rating and will be able to power you gun for longer.
6. A battery with a higher mah rating last longer then a bat with a lower mah And all batterys of the same voltage will NOT have the same mah rating.

Are you sure you want to use a lipo? In a sence all guns are lipo ready but their is a diffeence between lasting one shot and 10000, most guns require upgrades before they can safely use lipo batterys.
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