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two things you do have to take into consideration. pb players usually have 200 rounds before reloading. fastest i have seen someone nonpro at tourny level shoot is 35bps. thats 2100 bpm. 10 secs of shooting. thing is its alot of work and yes skill to shoot that fast. how ever this becomes useless in the bush as pb has little to no penitration.
now this is the highest un assisted rof i have personaly seen. most tournies do not allow ramping or trigger bounce and in most cases can get you pulled from the game. so more realisticly a pb bps would be lets say 20 bps... which is 1200bps.

on the other hand any joe shmo can shoot 800rpm in AS and lets face it more people run hi caps in AS than anything else. so walking shots onto a target is easier than pb!

a good way to get over the high rof bug is buy real caps and use black bbs... but we all know that wont happen often.

so in conclusion is as turning into pb in the rof dump area of things? i do not think so seen as the average pb and airsoft player are at roughly the same. in pb to get more you need skill and upgrades. in as you need upgrades... just my opinion.
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