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Even minor upgrades can cause damage *carnage pics inside*

So I recently did some light upgrades to my TM ak47. I put a PDI 150% spring in it with a bearing spring guide and new bushings. It lasted for about 3 games and well... just take a look at the pic. I did just put a new gaurder black hop up bucking in before the game as well.

So now for the purpose of this thread after you have enjoyed the carnage pics *who doesn't like to see stuff broken :P*

I obviously need a new piston head. Any recomendations? I was thinking Gaurder as they seem alright priced. Has anyone ever used a Lonex piston head? Any other brands I shuold consider?

Also what could have caused this. It gave out when I was going full auto but I run real caps so its not like it was long bursts. Could the added back pressure from the stiffer hop up have caused this? Any other ideas, I just don't want this issue to happen again. I am lucky it did not hurt my cylinder head.

BTW I posted this in the newbie thread so that these noobs that want to throw 170%+springs in stock mech boxes can see what the results may be.

Edit* looking at the damage that happened.... I actually think I figured out what happened, I think the screw unscrewed it self some how from the *nut* on the inside of the piston and than on the next rotation the piston smacked forward and smooshed the screw into it self and the head... so Loc tite might be a good idea I think lol. Sound about right?
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