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High ROF has it's place. For the most part there are very FEW people in Manitoba that do it. And those that do don't usually come out to games lol
Anyway not ALL players are going to be running sick ROF AEG's, some players really like having a realistic ROF, some simply can't afford the upgrades to make their gun fire that fast, and some of us are accurate enough to only need a 1000rpm ROF
When it came to my 249, higher ROF meant more ammo consumed, which meant more reloading, and less time shooting. So I had mine shooting around 800rpm, which meant I could hold down that trigger for extended periods of time.
Well you may wonder "your firing the same amount of ammo in that long burst than you would be in a short burst with high ROF, so what's the point?". Well the point is, as long as rounds are going downrange at a speed that people can't pop out between rounds, they are suppressed. And the longer their suppressed, the more time your riflemen have to move up safely
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