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If you have a delta peak charger (more than likely) then your battery will get hot towards the end of the charge cycle. This is normal. What happens is when you're passing energy through a cell, it gets transferred to stored electrical energy. When the cell is reaching its capacity, it can't take as much electrical energy, but it still must absorb the energy, so it transfers it to heat energy. The charger measures the voltage coming off the battery, so when the voltage difference between two time intervals increases by an amount below the set delta peak, the charger cuts it off and it is done charging. The lower you set your delta peak on your charger (if you can even set it), the hotter your battery will get, but the more charged it will get. I use 8mV/cell for mine and my batteries get pretty warm. Make sure you're using a quality charger, else it might overcharge. Generally if you put the battery on the inside of your forearm and it is too hot to keep it there then it is too hot, and may have been damaged.
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