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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
He didn't say you were lying and was simply making a joke.
Actually it wasn't even a joke, I thought it was pretty remarkable thats all.

Renegade, thanks for the sacrafice of the plastic lower. I've had plastic receivers damaged by .25's back in the Deadlands days. Thats what prompted me to go to a metal receiver - well, that and realism.

Originally Posted by TaroBear View Post
Err, for those who are reusing these BBs...I thought BBs microscopically deformed after they impact something? Why is it okay with these ones?
The silica's don't deform - the material virtually guarantees that. You CANNOT deform it, it catastropically disintegrates when you do reach the crush levels to actually affect the BB. So if the Silica is intact after shooting it, its good to shoot again. Although I recommend one provisio and thats a quick inspection to ensure there are no chips on the BBs. The chips could lead to sharp edges that could tear your hopup as it passes through. But if you use a cardboard box stuffed with burlap (my standard backstop for testing) there should be no risk of that. I've fired them against concrete and they've remained intact with no chips, but its still a possibility.
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