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Ultra Force 40mm Grenade Launcher Pistol

I got to play with this at SHOT pretty cool little piece.

Ultra Force 40mm Grenade Launcher Pistol

-- QD Pistol Grip (Can be change with any AEG Type Pistol Grip)

-- Full Metal Constructed

-- Black Color Grip Version

-- 20mm rail can be attached with any tactical accessory, we have taken some reference photos for your reference

Unique design with rails in unexpected places for any Scopes or AEG pistol grip or weaver rail grip.


It has made 1 person very happy.

this is something i've always wanted and researching several years early become disappointed as previous similar models were all discontinued.

resided to get a sawn off caw m79... just put of by price. so it never happened.

so now.... i see with this final piece... i plan to never buy another airsoft gun!

all my kits are complete!

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