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Originally Posted by Con3jo View Post
I actually wouldn't mind having some new color and visual themes. Call me crazy but I really like the looks of the kind of websites that are artsy and have had huge PS overhauls. For example,
I love how the banner looks with the details and fractals inside, as well as the buttons. As someone posted before, it would be a shit-load of work to get it done, but I bet it would look nice as hell.
I am happy that there are others out there who appreciate work of graphic artists and know the effort required.

The thing is, for a website and for what Airsoft Canada is, it doesn't require such an image heavy, grunge look. Also, photoshop tower may not actually be the best example for graphics, as they are really old and new photoshop art is quite more exquisite

I'm sure the reason we have airsoft canada first off, is to connect. Secondly, it also acts as a regulator as who gets help and who can play airsoft to some extent. We do not want those who pursue flashy and quick.

Let's compare... There are big companies like Nike, McDonalds... Then there are smaller companies that are professional. The difference between them on how big they get is in fact their public image. If you have a very modest and very honest group doing the best quality work, but you visit their website and it looks like it was done in the 1990's by an amateur who read an html book and thought he/she knew everything there is about website design and really just didn't care all that much about asthetics, that company doesn't get far until they pay to get a professional site done. Then, there are the more successful small companies with the same quality of work who has a good company image along with a good website. These go far. They understand that the website is only for image and should not attract customers, but definately, not loose any.

Then there are those... the "fake" companies with testimonies and showing all these benefits of the company and using the website as their main front to get new clientel. They most often than not do not actually offer what they advertise, or at least, not to that extent, so thus they must rely on a very attrative, very boastful page. But after seeing many like these, you can tell the false-ness. It's like looking at a bully. All talk, no walk.

I find Airsoft Canada to be more of the modest and professional company with a bad company image at this momment in the metaphorical sense. When I first got on this page, I thought this page was much less capable than what it is, just from the looks. I had underestimated the size and capabilities that it is possible of. Thus many noobs come here expecting the same and thus why the veterans have issues with them. If you would, take a look at Arnies Airsoft. They are a much larger community and much more organized in the sense that they are able to draw in more members and they will not underestimate. This is soley based on the website. When I first found Arnies, I thought to myself that the search was over, and there was a place where I could finally get some good information. Do not make an excuse of laws and country, you know this is true.

That is what I've been trying to say from the start. Yet again, this forum has underestimated the other and overestimated itself of it's image and what it thinks other thinks it is.

There is much more to be said, but needless to say, it comes to the same conclusion.

This is why I feel, it is almost of utmost importance we sort this amateur layout... out.
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