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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
Unless you provide more details, your results prove nothing of use.

- Did you shoot the bottles with lighter weights and it didn't break? Just heavier weights? What ranges were you firing from...this is the big kicker because heavier weights will have higher velocities than lighter BB's at ~50'+.

- What does shooting lexan prove? How does this help prove how "dangerous" these are or are not? All it proves is that if you have a lexan gun it'll turn to swiss-cheese. Were your weights the same between the plastic and silicon BB's? At what range were they fired from?

Didnt' see this because some posts where deleted from the thread and this was bumped up,

Yes I did shoot the bottles with lighter BB's. .12, .20. .23, .25 from Bastard, Excel, Madbull, daisy or crossman. Never did they break the bottle at any range <30ft. Only when you brought the muzzle directly against the bottle and emptied a hicap mag in a single burst, did you get some compression in the glass or spiderwebbing but never did a bottle just shatter. Shooting at bottles is not scientific either we just had many of them and their were wild stories on the internet about windshields being exploded.

Lexan RC shells can be ~0.01mm in thickness and they are stronger per weight than glass. This was more of a what else do we have to shoot other than metals & nylon. We where looking for something to shoot that was a soft surface and we could measure deformation. We didnt have foam but we had sheets of lexan. We fired at the lexan at point blank and up to 30ft. This had nothing to do with how dangerous the BB's where but how they behaved at various weights, materials, & against different materials.

The Max BB's never penetrated lexan at velocities 350-700 (w0.2) at ranges from point blank up to 30ft fired from both AEG and Gas rifle for FPS >420. (gas rifle is important since we cannot chrono the MAX but used a .20 to chrono)

Styrene BB's at point blank would shoot clean through the lexan at velocities > 500FPS. At ranges >30ft would just barely be stopped (lexan has a hole in is but the BB doesnt penetrate, or shoot through.

although not relevant or a big surprise we turned the plastic handguards on a G&G M16 into small chunks of plastic at point blank @ 400 FPS.

This was all done to see if the internet rumours where true about glass/windshields/plastic components on guns and RC. Never was this originally intended to be a "are these BB's dangerous". After seeing all of the damage that was done I concluded that the BB's where safe for use if you where not concerned about the possibility of breaking anything on the field. If your local paintball field has tonnes of cars with the glass on the windshields, or your indoor place has lots lighting that can be shot out don't use em.


What I apparently completely missed until reminded when reading this was that heavy styrene BB's do the same damage to the same items that we shot the MAX against. I recall sending scarecrow several PM's and trading emails about this and his reply was that he was not surprised at all, and if his BB's where not performing that well then that would be bad.
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