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Originally Posted by Shooting Addict View Post
I thought that the clears are not for sale yet? Or am I wrong please tell me I'm wrong I want to try them for my self( got some old glasses I need to shot )
I believe Mach1Airsoft has their BBBMax product in stock now. The BBBMax and Clears are the same formulation, I think there are just some weight and finishing differences between them (BBBMax are .27, mine Bastard Clears are .28, BBBMax has some sort of secondary Swiss finishing process, mine are a tempered glass polish, not sure which is better, don't really care, you guys decide).

I am waiting for my shipment of Clears which is due to come in first week of April. I brought 30 bags to TAC10 (at great expense - flown in) to have samples and to get product out to testers, reviewers, hosts and field owners. I will have some samples at the game though, but as pointed out there probably will be a vote on them.
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