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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I think a gun that chops has feeding issues though - putting that kind of stress on a BB isn't conductive to velocity or flightpath - if the BB isn't chopping in a gun like that, its deforming the BB before it leaves the gun, destroying any of the flight characteristics that an AEG benefits from (uniform dimensions and polish to be specific). If your gun chops, it needs to be fixed, and if all of a particular brand or model do that, you should be taking up the problem with the retailer you bought it from or, stay away from that brand if you can't get enduser post-sale support for that product.
In the case of the PTW, the misfeeding/chopping is almost always a maintenance issue. Just like a real AR, the mag needs to be clean, both along the BB path as well as the feed lips. For nozzle-based misfeeding, that is an o-ring problem (worn out Viton in the older cylinders and dried out polyurethane in the newer ones).

The problem with feeding I noted above is not a gun or mag problem. The guys in the UK seem to have some trouble with them, and presumably this is born out of humidity. I think of it this way, in order to make a crystal glass resonate, your finger needs to be slightly damp, and the water creates a surface tension on the glass. Too wet, and the water acts as a lubricant. Too dry, and no go either.

If the silica BBs do in fact have greater surface tension with minute traces of water, then the misfeeding is not a gun issue, but rather an incompatibility between the BB and the design of the gun. Neither can really be modified or fixed, there is nothing to be done but use a different BB or a different gun.
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