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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
For whatever personal/business reasons...participation was declined and the tests canceled.
I was invited to that, but, I declined participating. But not because I was being evasive or an ass about it.

I don't participate in the testing of my product within the community because I don't want to be accused of influencing the tests or conditions in any way. I don't mind respectable members doing it in a proper, scientific fashion or even an informal manner and posting their methods and results, but whenever I see a star chamber come together to do that sort of thing, if the vendor is involved other than supplying samples, I call bullshit - it becomes marketing. I've provided samples for a lot of people to try out personally because I believe consensus will occur once everyone is familiar with the properties of the products in question.

I don't think a 5 page discussion about it is a bad thing, even if we are rehashing old ground. We're trying to form consensus, not performing CSA approval testing. Everyone needs an opportunity to discuss it, and vendors like me and Emilio need to participate in a non-partisan non-marketing manner to simply support and facilitate that discussion and put our two cents in. This is an educational and familiarity process. In that respect, threads like this are a good thing, even if a little redundant. But its little gems of info that come out of discussions like this that eventually formulate FAQs and player points of reference. It also spawns other good threads, like one I am about to start about player PPE issues (personal protective equipment).

You can always unsubscribe if it gets too taxing or annoying for you.
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