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IPSCGM is base at Macau NOT Hong Kong. Totally different places.
So tracking # won't work with hkpost.
Macau Post is what IPSCGM use for air mail/surface mail. But it is not English friendly, and they won't provide tracking for airmail. Tracking only for Express mail.
For airmail, there is no direct flight from Macau to Toronto, so most of the time, the packages will go to Taiwan then Vancouver and do the inspection there. Since Vancouver is one of the port of entry for Asia region mail (sea/air), it will take longer time for inspection. CP then take them from Vancouver to Toronto. Usually, it take 10 days to Toronto once they are in Vancouver custom.
So compare to HK retailer (uncompany/airsoftglobal/ rsov/ebaybanned), it will take longer and no way to track the mail until it is in Canada.
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