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Originally Posted by Egria View Post
I did some light testing with the 0.28s on a VFC Scar-L lower receiver which measures about 0.47 cm or 0.30 inches thick. The approximate FPS was 350-360 and was fired at point blank range.

As you can see, the damage wasn't that extensive, but enough to create large dents on the receiver and hair line fractures inside the receiver.
Egria, I think your test illustrates very clearly why impacted safety glasses or goggles should be binned and replaced with new ones. The softer BBs deform on impact, spreading their energy on BB deformation and spreading impact over a wider area. The silicas have pin-point energy transfer - those hairline cracks inside your receiver are absolute proof of the energy transfer risk to goggles and why you should replace them if they've been hit - by styrene, ECO or silica. But it illustrates what's being said about silicas well.


People keep mentioning mesh goggles. Guys, I am all for maximizing player choice in this game, but mesh goggles are a BAD IDEA. Please don't use them for eye protection! Along with what Brian said earlier about them, they allow fragments to pass through and reach your eyes and face - that isn't sufficient eye protection for airsoft. There is a risk of any BB shattering, particularly biodegradable materials (I don't care what ANYONE says about their BB, PLA based formulations can and will from time to time break up, as do some styrene products). You've also got airsoft grenades in use now which are an entirely different form of energizing a BB to target with its own risks. And you have just regular gaming risks.

Mesh lower face protection I can accept, but, using mesh to protect your eyes presumes no energized particles below a certain size - its simply playing roulette with your eyes - no game is worth that.
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