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Originally Posted by c3sk View Post
Since these bitch's will sometimes chop bastards into powder, the BB deforming or splitting is sometimes the only way you can clear a bad jam. So, I would also recommend not using them on m4/m16 AWSS systems.... I can't say the same for the WE SCAR. I am not sure if jams would be easier to clear due to the rotating bolt mechanism.
This is what I've been talking about since the beginning, and at TAC10 in the "BB Lab" - styrene and the ECOBB formulations are much softer than the silicas. Any feedpath in any gun that chops BBs will likely take damage from a silica simply because while styrene and ECOBB material will self destruct or deform, the silica won't give, so the feedpath component will. This was my only equipment related warning that I've sort of harped on with people in my discussion about silicas.

I think a gun that chops has feeding issues though - putting that kind of stress on a BB isn't conductive to velocity or flightpath - if the BB isn't chopping in a gun like that, its deforming the BB before it leaves the gun, destroying any of the flight characteristics that an AEG benefits from (uniform dimensions and polish to be specific). If your gun chops, it needs to be fixed, and if all of a particular brand or model do that, you should be taking up the problem with the retailer you bought it from or, stay away from that brand if you can't get enduser post-sale support for that product.
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