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/tosses in 2 cents

First off, I like the BB's, and the demo you guys did was outstanding. Thank you Jay(and crew) for the samples.

I and a few of our team members have been using the WETTI AWSS M4 pretty much since its North American debut. Tys is right on the money. Since these bitch's will sometimes chop bastards into powder, the BB deforming or splitting is sometimes the only way you can clear a bad jam. So, I would also recommend not using them on m4/m16 AWSS systems.... I can't say the same for the WE SCAR. I am not sure if jams would be easier to clear due to the rotating bolt mechanism.

I would however recommend them on most BA's, since you can usually just remove the bolt in the event of a jam - and clear out any obstruction without damaging internals.

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