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Originally Posted by theshaneler View Post
wow in this entire thread only 2 AVed people spoke, and for the most part they where the only ones to give proper advice

even if the neighbors know, make sure the cops know. seeing as its on privet property, it SHOULD (not is) be ok, but like others have said bad things can happen if your not prepared
In my younger days, it did happen that the police came. And we we're playing PAINTBALL.

Some random dude decided to walk into that specific private field and he thought we were carrying rifles with beer cases.

When I look back, it didn't really matter since we had cheap pumpers.

Now if you have a 400.00$ AEG, you might want to reconsider the option of warning the local police. Having your AEG confiscated is not a fun ending.
Originally Posted by isis View Post
pier tes l'idole de bien du monde aujourd'hui. good move

"Don't touch what you can't grab."
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