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I like them for certain applications but...

T.W.A.T. has decided that only snipers with Sha Do's cert can use them on our fields.

3 reasons

1. I did a basic test last weekend on the mesh goggles that most of us use. Kinda scary.

From around 15 feet at approx 385 fps, a single shot left a 1/4 cm dent. I fired from several angles.
A short auto burst left a 3/4cm dent and pulled the mesh out of the bottom of the frame(3 cm down from the impact)
Our goggles are good. Not the best or strongest but they have never been dented before. I was shocked.
Our goggles will take them but anyone wearing any type of glasses instead of goggles should be scared. I did the same test with a longer burst of .25 regular white and no damage at all.

2. We don't have a set mercy rule and we've had instances of very close panic fire. We host alot of noobs. I'm guilty too. In that position, I would not want to take a facefull of these. Or get a knuckle shot point blank.

3. Our fields are usually near houses or parking. With the ricochet factor and the hardness of these things, it would only be a matter of time before something got busted.
Has anyone shot a shitty plastic receiver at close range yet? Kiss a scope goodbye if this hits.

I think they are a great product and in the right hands on the right fields they will add a cool new dimension to the game. No more matrix dodging the whites yet still trackable.
And the quality is unquestionable. Even after the burst on my goggles, the few I could find were dirty but unmarked.

MADDOG, you don't get to use them because you don't need any more advantages!(pride still stinging)

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